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Persian rugs are quite justly considered crème de la crème of the world’s antique rugs due to their centuries-old tradition, unmatched variety of designs and the most sophisticated weaving techniques. The antique Feraghan rug before your eyes is a unique example of Persian craftsmanship. Its captivating main field exhibits an allover lattice of floral and animal motifs, including deer, lionesses and birds of paradise, all stemming from two vases at the opposite sides of the carpet. This collection of classic oriental patterns is embraced by a triple border whose main part features graceful palmettes and florals.

Intricate and teeming with life, the composition is complemented thanks to the rich color palette flaunting shades of rosewood, teal and sandy beige against the pitch-black background. Such an arrangement of colors, although bold, is utterly elegant, ready to make a statement in any kind of modern interior.

Thanks to the thorough hand-making of wool, the antique rug managed to withstand almost a century bearing no signs of wear. If maintained properly, it will undoubtedly please the eyes and feet of its owners for generations, bringing in its recherché charm.

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Item No.: BB6631 Circa: 1920 Size: 4'9" × 7'0" (144 × 213 cm)
Style: Animal, Botanic, Casual Type: Feraghan Origin: Persian Rugs