Antique Persian Isfahan Carpet

Antique Persian Isfahan Carpet BB6497

Price: $160,000

This antique Esfahan carpet constitutes crème de le crème of Persian craft. Thus, it boasts of exquisite quality. It is also magnificent in terms of design.  Its main field as well as the border carry botanical patterns featuring stylized acanthus leaves and palmettes.  This could be a reference to the classic oriental motif known as herati. It comprised of a rosette or a palmette enclosed within a diamond and surrounded by four acanthus leaves. The artists balanced this lush thicket with a muted color palette. We can see carmine, navy blue, brighter touches of baby blue, pastel green, orange and beige.

Although made in the 17th century, this Isfahan carpet still maintains its original charm. Little imperfections like subtle abrasions in the main field make it even prettier. These features are considered a relish among the connoisseurs of hand-made carpets. The artisans carefully hand-knotted this piece of the finest wool in accordance with centuries-old techniques. The carpet the piece will be able to serve its owners for generations. In addition, it will bring in timeless elegance and a breath of history.

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Item No.: BB6497 Circa: 17th century Size: 10'7" × 15'0" (322 × 457 cm)
Style: Botanic Origin: Persian Type: Isfahan