Antique Indian Carpet BB7121 by DLB
Antique Indian Carpet

Antique Indian Carpet BB7121 13'6" × 18'10" $60,000

The beauty of authentic Indian rugs lies not only in their stunning designs, but also wonderful history. During the centuries of their existence, Indian rugs played an important party in the households of both common people and aristocrats. For many years their piles served also as basic furniture and meeting places for friends and families. This makes antique Indian rugs a very special type of decoration, one that is also a part of the household itself. Doris Leslie Blau is proud to present you with our collection of luxurious antique rugs. With thousands of high quality antique carpets from all over the world, our gallery is filled with countless treasures, waiting for you to discover them!

This wonderful antique Indian rug was woven in the mid 20th century, circa 1950. Its stunning pattern immediately draws attention with its effortless elegance. The central field contains an overall lattice-like design of alternating rows  lozenges containing floral motifs within a beige flowerhead. All of this is framed by a vine trellis border. The color palette accompanying this composition, while modest, helps to balance out rather decorative pattern. Sandy beiges work fabulously with delicate blue and dark gray, making this antique rug a true masterpiece.

The size of this piece, 13’6″ × 18’10” (411 × 574 cm), makes it a great choice for spacious interiors in need of some classic elegance of the Orient. With an Indian rug like this one any household can become truly special and unforgettable!


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Price: $60,000

Item No.: BB7121 Circa: 1950 Size: 13'6" × 18'10" (411 × 574 cm)
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