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Antique Reasons For Antique Carpets

Antique Persian Sultanabad Rug Antique carpets have always been most famous items in all auction houses. There are reasons that date back to as old as the antique carpets themselves. With time, carpets wear out but it is not the age of the carpet that matters; it is actually the look of it, the design, the style and the making that makes it look like it has been plucked straight out of Louis XIV’s castle. People who are most touchy about the decor of their homes like to fill their floor spaces with these antique carpets!

Though carpets are bought for style, comfort and warmth; antique carpets are mostly appealing because of their looks. Designs in buildings vary with time but those buildings of the Medieval times still occupied by people have something in them that make the decorators want to style them up with items from the same era, antique carpets being one of them.

Carpet making has been a popular art ever since art became known to people. Some places such as Agra and Persia have been particularly famous for their weavers and designs and rugs from these places are in demand all over the world. They have been so popular that kings and monarchs have had tailor made rugs created for their castles, palaces and rooms.

Antique rugs and carpets are marked by their rich colors and intricate designs. Usually their designs show flowers and other flora woven together with beautiful patterns and leaves. The most precious rugs were woven more than a century ago and many of them have been carefully preserved by caretakers. Rich people have a special knack of collecting these valuable items in order to create an impression on visitors. Some simply take pride in owning something unique and have no interest in what others think.

Modern day weavers have taken up a deep study of antique carpets in terms of design, style and color. As the weaving techniques have been preserved, modern weavers intend to create items of such appeal.

Antique items in particular antique rugs and furniture are somewhat expensive items. One reason is the hard work that has been undertaken by the caretakers in order to preserve them while the other reason is their uniqueness. Items like these are not seen in all homes and even if copies are made, they can’t occupy the position that exotic and exquisite antique carpets do.