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Antique Persian Tabriz BB6965

Price: $70,000

Such magnificent and fascinating artworks as this antique Persian Tabriz rug are exceptionally hard to come across. Its outstanding design is a result of the incredible artistry and experience of the weaving masters which have been honed for many centuries, as Tabriz is one of the oldest and most renowned weaving centers in the world.

Its main field is covered in an allover, very intricate botanical pattern characteristic of Tabriz rug art. It is embraced by a series of decorative borders, the main of which carries a flowering climber with bold flower heads. The color palette of navy blue and beige is particularly pleasant to the eye and versatile, ready to match a wide variety of interior décors.

Next to the mesmerizing appearance, this antique Tabriz rug distinguishes itself with impeccable execution. It was carefully knotted by hand of the best quality wool. Due to such diligent making, it has survived until this day looking as if it just came down of the looms. Under the condition of proper maintenance, the antique rug will be of flawless service to its owners for many generations.

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Item No.: BB6965 Circa: 1920 Size: 12'9" × 20'3" (388 × 617 cm)
Color: Beige, Blue, Gray Style: Formal Origin: Persian Rugs