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Antique Persian Meshad Carpet BB7318 13'2" × 21'3" $90,000

A late 19th century Mashad Persian rug, the pale beige field with an intricate allover herati design within a palmette and flowering vinery border.

Meshad carpets feature multiple borders with eclectic color palettes, designs based on classical models, but executed with East Persian spontaneity with color schemes ranging from traditional burgundies and midnight blues, to the more contemporary tints of ice blue and beige.

As is typical of workshop rugs produced in larger towns, Persian rugs for sale can be larger and of a more consistent quality than antique oriental rugs produced in a smaller village and, of course, by nomadic tribesmen.


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Price: $90,000

Item No.: BB7318 Circa: 1880 Size: 13'2" × 21'3" (401 × 647 cm)
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