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This amazing sample, although named Urban Moss, is perfect not only for declared urban dwellers. The cool color palette composed of mixing slate, gravel, blackish, off-white and dirty beige tones exudes a chic industrial vibe, whereas the intriguing texture adds a natural factor, resembling a delicate moss growing on a factory wall. There is no defined pattern, the field exhibits total abstraction which makes it an excellent choice for all modernly decorated interiors. If you chose Urban Moss sample for your custom rug, you may rest reassured that it will be thoroughly hand-knotted of the finest wool and cotton in accordance with traditional weaving techniques. Such masterful execution guarantees that the rug will be unique, qualitative and durable. Just as in case of all custom rugs by DLB, you are free to adjust the size and shape of the Urban Moss one entirely to your needs and liking. Put your trust in this contemporary design and the effect will meet and exceed your expectations.


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