Swedish Inspired Rug

Swedish Inspired Rug N10764 12'10" × 15'7" $22,000

A perfect mix of chic and practicality, contemporary Swedish rugs can completely change any interior in the matter of seconds. Versatility of contemporary rugs makes them useful in many situations. The influence of modern Swedish rugs still invoke homely feeling of vintage rugs accompanied by modern chic. It is not a surprise, considering their beautiful patterns and superb craftsmanship. Geometric rugs will be a perfect fit for modern interiors, however those who prefer a touch of vintage in their life will also love them.

This stunning contemporary Swedish rug, while seemingly modest looking, can offer you a visual sensations you have never dreamed of.  Geometric pattern of the rug is composed of numerous smaller elements, giving it a mosaic-like appearance. The color palette of the rug consists of shades of yellow and white, highlighted by the addition of bright red and more subdued gray.

Having a Scandinavian rug in your household can be a game changer for not only decor, but also your family! Once you own a vintage Scandinavian rug nothing else will be able to satisfy you! Doris Leslie Blau’s collection of antique rugs and vintage carpets is sure to satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs.


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Price: $22,000

Item No.: N10764 Size: 12'10" × 15'7" (391 × 474 cm)Location: Wright