Solid Rugs

Contemporary RugIn the world of design a carpet complements a living space. It happens on many levels – from strictly visual aspects, such as the color palette and patterns, to emotional ones like the feel of coziness and ‘completeness’. It is a marker of zones – we tend to place carpets under sitting areas, beds or tables. They create safe ‘islands’ on the ocean of floor. The thought of touching a fluffy carpet with bare feet while eating breakfast, or lying on the soft pile all tucked in a blanket, watching fire merrily crackling inside a fireplace, evokes pleasant tickling in the stomach. Just like love. And there is just no way not to fall in love with a solid carpet, which amazes with brilliant simplicity of design and most importantly – captivating texture. Solid rugs are all about classic elegance. Each of them is maintained in a single color, which is specifically selected and therefore – extremely tasteful. You are free to pick and choose your favorite one and match it to your interior, which should not be a problem at all owing to the lack of pattern (or an extremely delicate one, barely visible to the eye). All the magic lies within the fabric of which a carpet is made. Solid rugs are characterized by extremely good textiles, such as natural or banana silk as well as high quality wool. Their piles differ in terms of length, however they always have one thing in common – they’re sheeny and graceful. Their unquestionable advantage is the complete versatility – when placing such a rug in a room, one simply can not be wrong. The power of minimalism was already noticed and appreciated by the 20th modernists, who glorified the natural charm of Beni Ourain Moroccan Rugs – solid rugs definitely fit into this kind of aesthetics. ‘Less is more’ is also a guiding principle of the Scandinavian design, where the unobtrusiveness of solid beauties will be more than welcome. Actually, no mater the style – as Leonardo Da Vinci once said, ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’, so think simple and watch the space around you refine effortlessly.

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