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STAMVERBAND II Geometric Carpet N11828 4'5" × 7'0" (134 × 213 cm) $6,000

This stunning contemporary rug was handmade using the highest quality wool, ensuring not only its longevity but also delightful softness. What immediately draws the eye is its wonderful pattern, undoubtedly inspired by the works of Swedish weavers from the 1950’s. Made of several rectangles, each of which contains its own composition, it has a very modern feel to it, yet seems comfortingly familiar. Serrated edges contrasted with solid colors of the palette result in a flat weave rug that is truly unforgettable. While the hues are rather simple and cool, they complement the whole perfectly.

Contemporary rug designs can be inspired by vintage rugs, antique carpets, or by relevant works of art, yet are usually executed with a more modern twist, either in the pattern or the color palette. Many of our modern rugs and contemporary rugs were shaped by top designers and architects exclusive to the Doris Leslie Blau Gallery. Modern contemporary rugs are the perfect complement to all sorts of interior arrangements, from classic to state-of-the-art. A modern rug design will not stand in opposition even an grey geometric rug or a vintage carpet.


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Price: $6,000

Item No.: N11828 Size: 4'5" × 7'0" (134 × 213 cm)
Color: Gray, White Style: Geometric