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Samarkand Runner N11957 4'0" × 13'0" $6,000

Oriental carpets feature numerous patters and designs, making them an extremely diverse group. Among all Oriental rugs, Samarkand carpets stand out thanks to their beauty. Traditionally produced using the asymmetric Persian knot, Samarkand rugs are famous for their great quality . Nowadays Samarkand rugs are considered to be a luxury and are widely beloved by carpet connoisseurs.

This stunning Samarkand runner is a real treat for the eyes. Woven with a great care and love, it delights with its quality and softness. Rug’s pattern is downright modern with some Oriental inspirations. A symmetrical geometric design in the form of highly decorated lines, will certainly be appreciated by both art lovers and those preferring minimalist decor. The color palette of this rug consists of mostly neutral shades, such as beige and brown, accompanied by grays and whites in the background.

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Price: $6,000

Item No.: N11957 Size: 4'0" × 13'0" (121 × 396 cm)
Color: Blue, Brown, White Style: