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Sunset Ombre Rug II N11380 10'0" × 15'0" $14,000


This exceptional modern carpet counts among the category of solid rugs. It means that its design relies on nothing but carefully selected neutral shades, without any pattern or ornaments. Here the smooth tones of beige and taupe permeate each other, creating an ambience of luxury and elegance. The sophistication is boosted even further by the delicate glow of silk which the Sunset Ombre rug was carefully hand-loomed of. This versatile beauty is a perfect pick for a wide gamut of décors, from classic to state-of-the-art.

Contemporary area rugs have numerous faces, from traditional-inspired patterns through abstract forms to minimalistic and geometric designs. They constitute a fascinating bridge between the antiquity and contemporaneity, combining the ancient, centuries-old craft with up-to-date ideas and progressive aesthetic thought. The quality of all modern rugs in New York City purchased through trusted dealers does not differ at all from the one of antique and vintage carpets. It is important for the buyer to be sure that the given piece was expertly hand-knotted of the finest materials dyed with natural dyes, like wool, silk, hemp, banana silk, metal threads or cotton, in accordance with old and refined techniques by a skilled artisan, not machine-made of synthetic components in mass production. Due to such thorough execution, any modern rug for sale will be able to serve its owners for generations without any signs of blemish or wear, at the same time being adjusted to a contemporary interior arrangement.

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Item No.: N11380 Size: 10'0" × 15'0" (304 × 457 cm)

This is Sunset Ombre Rug II number N11380 in our internal collections. This rug was manufactured

The dimensions of this rug are: 10'0" × 15'0" width × length, which corresponds to 304 × 457 cm in the metric system.

The rug was qualified by our experts as a Solid style in our wide offer of rugs. If you are interested in this unique work of art, please contact us with the number N11380 for further information.

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Sunset Ombre Rug  II N11380

Sunset Ombre Rug II N11380


Out of stock