Maze Rug

Maze Rug N11663

Price: $43,000

This contemporary area rug combines the centuries-old craft with the modern aesthetic though, resulting in the extraordinary design encompassing both quality and beauty. The vast field of the carpet is covered in an allover, borderless geometric pattern of square fields, each consisting of subtle lines that give an impression of movement towards the middle of every polygon.

The design is in a sense paradoxical as the motifs appear dynamic but also harmonious and calm at the same time – just as the cosmos that surrounds us. Considering that, the name “Endless rug” seems to be very accurate. Moreover, it also refers to the impeccable execution that ensures durability which will help the carpet survive for generations without any signs of wear or damage.

This modern rug was meticulously hand-knotted of the finest silk in accordance with traditional weaving techniques – only such thorough making of top-notch materials may provide the intriguing high and low texture, and incredible softness and gloss of the pile. The color palette is extremely simple and elegant, and relies on light tones of ivory, beige and slate gray. Such a versatile contemporary rug will easily fit into a wide range of interior arrangement, beautifully warming up and organizing the space.

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Item No.: N11663 Size: 12'0" × 16'0" (365 × 487 cm)
Style: Geometric