Heriz, Serapi, and Bakshaish Rugs

Heriz rugs are decorative fabrics coming from the area of Heris in the northwest Iran. They belong to the general category of Persian rugs. Heriz rugs are made of extremely resilient wool. The wool acquires its qualities through the traces of copper present in the drinking water of sheep in the region. Heriz rugs flaunt bold patterns with a large medallion and a rather coarse construction.

Origins of Persian Heriz Rugs (Serapi) & Bakshaish Rugs

Persian Heriz Carpet

Persian Heriz rugs, also known as Serapi rugs, and Bakshaish rugs are in a class of their own. They are regional cousins from northwest Persia, thus they share mutual origins. The northwest part of Persia is the area straddling the Caucasus mountains and Caspian sea, bordering with South Asia. It includes parts of Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Therefore, Persian Heriz rugs and Bakshaish rugs represent the convergence of different cultures. the scope ranges from the Kazakhs and Khazars to the invading Mughals.

In the past, the Northwest Persian district comprised of dozens of villages and niche communities. Hidden in the shadow of towering mountains and steep valleys, they formed a stable Heriz rug carpet-producing network. It has survived until this day and maintained its prestige thanks to the awe-inspiring Persian Heriz rugs and Bakshaish rugs.

The Secret Ingredient of Persian Heriz Serapi Rugs & Bakshaish Rugs

Persian Heriz rugs and Bakshaish rugs continue to attract new generations of consumers and collectors. They are elegant and geometric. Moreover, they are of remarkable durability. Heriz Serapi rugs and carpets carry elegant patina and rich colors. Where do these qualities of Heriz rugs come from? There is a secret ingredient. The town of Heriz lies on the slopes of the Mount Sabalan which in turn sits on a major deposit of copper. The metal gets to the surrounding rivers. Traces of copper in the drinking water of sheep contribute to the production high quality wool. It is far more resilient than wool from other areas. Due to that fact, Persian Heriz rugs and Bakshaish rugs are exceptional and desired around the world.

Design of Northwest Persian Bakshaish Rugs & Heriz Rugs

Heriz Serapi rugs and Bakshaish rugs are among the most striking and recognizable oriental antique carpets. Heriz rugs are full of powerful flower-head medallions. They include complementary spandrels and borders with angular stylized vinery. There are floral infills and bold palmettes rendered in a geometric fashion. All motifs have a charming simplicity of line. Despite their origins in fairly sophisticated workshops, Serapi rugs and Heriz rugs have a strong tribal quality.

Both Heriz rugs and Bakshaish rugs may have all-over designs and abstract interpretations of willow trees or ascending shield palmettes. In all but scale, room sized Heriz carpets are like small antique Kazak rugs made by the Caucasian villagers to the north. They are robust, with large knots and often impressive dimensions.  The colors range from jewel tones of cherry red, navy blue and saffron yellow, to pale terracotta, sea foam, powder blue and ivory. Heriz rugs and Bakshaish rugs will adorn a broad spectrum of interiors.  They will match a traditional gentleman’s library or a cutting edge contemporary loft space.

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