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Forgotten Treasures – Egyptian Rugs

Comparing to more famous pieces from Iran, Turkey or China, Egyptian rugs remain relatively unknown by the general public, despite the fact that they are not any lesser in quality or beauty – curiously enough, some consider Egyptian weaving to be one of the best in the whole world! It makes one wonder how is it possible for such an amazing craft to be forgotten.

The History od Egyptian Rugs

Best days of Egyptian weaving craft started in the 16th century. However, commercial production began in 1952. At the time people stopped importing rugs from Iran. Also, the Egyptian goods gained more popularity. Unfortunalety they were forgotten. In the past, local craftsmen made their rugs only from wool. Thanks to it, they achieved beautiful colorsand great quality. We can divide Egyptian carpets into three categories. The artists created the Mamluk rugs during the reign of the Mamluk dynasty in the 13th and 16th century. In addition, they are usually big and have a strong palette. Craftsmen produced Cairo rugs from the 16th to 18th century. Moreover, these carpets had Persian designs.

Contemporary Egyptian Rugs

The authors of many books written about textiles mention the Antique Egyption rugs. However, they ignore the new creations. The problem is that they lack a “distinctive” Egyptian look. The majority of contemporary carpets produced in that region resemble traditional Persian designs. Thus, comparing to the originals, they are less colorful and have a longer pile. Nowadays more people want to continue the tradition of carpet weaving. They craft new pieces every day.

It’s sad that many people see this ancient craft as an “anomaly”. Egyptian rugs are a curiosity in the eyes of collectors and aficionados. However, we hope that one day people will see those carpets as true pieces of art.


120nb egyptian tabriz 12.2 x 8.8
Modern rug egiptian over dyed wool brown floral botanical n10157 8x6
Modern rugs egiptian modern gold flower design wool gold floral botanical n10378 24x15