Contemporary Cubist Inspired Rug
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Contemporary Cubist Inspired Rug N11344

Price: $19,800

While looking at this contemporary carpet, it’s easy to mistake it for a piece of art. Hand-woven from silk and wool, the rug delver modern was inspired by the works of the famed Cubist painters, such as Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso and Joseph Fernand Henri Léger. While the pattern is deceptively simple with only three colors, black, white and a subtle hint of gray on the edges, Cubism taught us is that nothing is what it seems. Sharp rectangular shapes, spread all over the surface, look like fragments of something bigger which was shattered into small fragments, like a porcelain. Is there anything deeper to it? That is for you to decide. Let this bold floral rug revolutionize your interior, just like Cubism revolutionized art!

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Item No.: N11344 Size: 11'7" × 14'0" (353 × 426 cm)
Color: Black, Gray Style: Bold