Hermann Hand Knotted Silk and Wool Rug N11619 by DLB
Hermann Hand Knotted Silk and Wool Rug
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Hermann Hand Knotted Silk and Wool Rug N11619 9'8" × 16'0" $28,000

This modern rug is perfect for both the lovers of nature and the declared urban dwellers. Its cool color palette composed of mixing slate, gravel, blackish, off-white and dirty beige tones exudes a chic industrial vibe, whereas the intriguing texture adds a natural factor, resembling a delicate moss growing on a factory wall. Although some motifs here have their mirror reflection, there is no figurative pattern and the field exhibits total abstraction which makes it an excellent choice for all modernly decorated interiors.

One may find here a reference to the artistic activity of the renowned Eskayel group who draw their inspiration from various natural forms. In addition to being inspired by the gifts of our Mother Earth, the modern area rug is also eco-friendly. It was meticulously hand-knotted of the finest wool and silk in accordance with traditional weaving techniques by a skilled artisan. Such qualitative making ensures not only the glamorous appearance of the luminous pile but also durability and longevity of the traditional today rug. This absolutely timeless creation has a chance to bring the serene atmosphere to any interior arrangement, meeting and exceeding the expectations of the lucky owners.


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Price: $28,000

Item No.: N11619 Size: 9'8" × 16'0" (294 × 487 cm)
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