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Mocca Contemporary Runner
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Mocca Contemporary Runner N11640 3'6" × 8'6" $3,400

Runners are special rugs, which, due to their dimensions, are adjusted to serve in hallways, staircases, corridors and ample rooms. This exceptional contemporary runner encompasses the greatest qualities of the centuries-old craft and imitates traditional oriental creations. Its borderless field is covered in an allover geometric design, bringing to mind Moroccan openwork, which exudes angular elegance and timeless chic, further emphasized by a subtle abrash effect. The abstract pattern is executed in a light beige shade against the mocca tone background, which creates an exceptionally warm and welcoming atmosphere. Although presently made, this contemporary runner was masterfully hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by a skilled artisan. Due to such thorough crafting, the rug will be able to serve its owners for generations without any signs of blemish, pleasing not only the eyes but also hands and feet with its soft and cushy pile. This composition will easily fit into all kinds of interior arrangements, from classic to modern, as the runner is versatile thanks to its tasteful design and absolutely timeless elegance.


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Price: $3,400

Item No.: N11640 Size: 3'6" × 8'6" (106 × 259 cm)