Suzanne Lovell



For more than 25 years, Suzanne Lovell has been practising the art of interior design. She holds a professional degree in architecture and is widely recognized as an expert in art, antiques, textiles and furnishings. Prior to working as an architect for Skid more, Owings and Merrill, she studied with Olivio Ferrari at Virginia Tech, the top-ranked architecture program in the country. Mr. Ferrari, a Bauhaus trained, Swiss-German architect, believed a focus on craft was paramount to the profession.

Ms. Lovell is principal of Suzanne Lovell Inc, a Chicago-based architectural interior design firm specializing in residential interior architecture, design and decoration. The firm takes a thoughtful and rigorous approach to design by employing extensive research with meticulous attention to detail. Her vast portfolio of work has not gone unnoticed as she has been featured in a variety of publications and was included in Architectural Digest’s New List, AD 100: The World’s Top Designers and Architects. Ms. Lovell works in both her Manhattan studio and her corporate headquarters in Chicago.

The creation of custom fabrics and furnishings for her private residential clients has led Ms. Lovell to the design of furniture, textiles and rugs for mass production for the broader interior design market. Ms.Lovell, along with Sam Kasten, one of America’s foremost hand weavers of custom fabrics and rugs, launched Twill Textiles. Twill is a sophisticated line of mill produced fabrics that resonate with the look and feel of handmade product. Ms.Lovell is now able to combine her passion for weaving as craft, her design background, her architectural skill and her business acumen, to create textile collections.

Ms. Lovell’s extensive travels have exposed her to design and artisans from around the world, lending her work a global influence. A lifestyle architect practicing at the intersection of architecture and interiors, design and fine art, Ms. Lovell is a sought-after lecturer and keynote speaker, addressing the topics of passionate collecting, fine arts and the creation of value collections, as well as the intelligent integration of architectural interiors with sophisticated furnishings, textiles and art. This well-rounded approach to the business of interior design has led Ms. Lovell to launch the Artistic Collection Advisory. A.C.A. offers the collector a customized and curatorial approach to research and the purchase, installation, display, maintenance and records management of valued fine arts collections.

Ms. Lovell resides in Chicago with her husband and two children. Fly fishing and bicycling take her on adventures around the world that lend directly to her designs through color, texture, proportion and scale. Her first monograph will be published by Stuart, Tabori & Chang, a division of Abrams Books in October 2011.

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