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Modern Eskayel-Reflection Rug N11582

Price: $48,000

This modern Contemporary rug is as fresh and ingenious as its remarkable designers – the renowned Eskayel group. This New York-based surface design company is widely known for their profound work ethics, eco-conscious approach and absolutely outstanding style which draws largely from the most incredible thing there is – nature.

Shanan Campanaro of Eskayel is mesmerized by the light flickering on the surface of ocean waters, the shadows casted by tropical plants or the formation of rocks and entire continents that have been slowly crafted by the wind and tectonic movements over billions of years. All these wonders remain in constant motion, ever-changing and taking on new shapes. That explains a lot in the context of this beautiful, abstract modern rug. Its design brings to mind various natural forms, non-figurative but absolutely mesmerizing, which have a power to awake the better, more primary sides of ourselves. After all, awaking the emotions is the meaning of true art.

The area rug’s color palette is kept in toned, washed-out shades of off-green that exude a tranquil vibe. Again, it was painstakingly selected to replicate the beauty of nature. Campanaro’s unique aesthetic is achieved by using plenty of water and ink while painting, including painting on wet handmade paper. To translate such extraordinary design into the language of warp and weft, the pile had to be masterly hand-crafted of the finest silk in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by a skilled artisan. Such qualitative making ensures not only the glamorous appearance of the luminous pile but also durability and longevity of the designer rug brands. This absolutely timeless creation has a chance to bring the serene atmosphere to any interior arrangement, from classic to contemporary.

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Item No.: N11582 Size: 12'0" × 17'3" (365 × 525 cm)
Style: Abstract, Modern Rugs