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Over the past few years Doris Leslie Blau Gallery has periodically invited renowned rug designers, interior designers and architects to design their own custom carpets for our collection using the finest wool, silk and natural fibers. Alberto Pinto, Jed Johnson Associates, Mariette Himes Gomez, Amy Lau, Miles Redd are among the well-known rug designers who have created patterns for our collection. Rug designs have also been created by fashion designers such as Nanette Lepore and Tommy Hilfiger. With our new and designer collections we strive to bring a sophisticated and creative modern eye to rug design through eclectic and abstract patterns, subtle colors and sometimes even a sense of whimsy or humor. Although many of our designer rugs are abstract with a tendency toward solid colors, many of them subtly recall elements of traditional weaving such as in their incorporation of organic forms of branches and flowers of antique Oriental rugs or even by deriving inspiration from works of art in the manner of more modern early 20th century rugs.

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Ripple Pearl N11041

Size: 17' x 12'
A hand Knotted Aloe & Silk custom carpet design by Eskayel.

Item No: N11041
Call for price

Nanette Lapore Peacock rug N10954

Size: 12'2'' × 9'5''
Banana silk rug

Item No: N10954

Zusanne Lovell N10942

Size:Size: 12' × 9'
Inspiration comes from many places, and this one was inspired by a Carlo Bugatti table in our client's collection. The central medallion ...

Item No: N10942

Alberto Pinto Rug N10940

Size: 12' x 9'2''
Wool and silk rug

Item No: N10940

S.Siegel Contemporary Rug N10789

Size: 14'2'' × 10'
Wool and silk rug

Item No: N10789

Studio Luxe carpet N10945

Size: 12'1'' × 9'
Wool and silk rug

Item No: N10945

Reflection N11004

Size: 23'8'' × 14'
Hemp rug

Item No: N11004

Ripple pearl N10905

Size: 14' x 12'
Aloe and silk rug

Item No: N10905

Eskayel Dynasty Rug N10896

Size: 11'9'' × 8'10''
Aloe and silk rug

Item No: N10896

Aegean Green N10804

Size: 14' × 10'
Wool rug

Item No: N10804

Aegean Green N10800

Size: 25' × 15'3''
Wool rug

Item No: N10800

Eskayel Akimbo Rug N10763

Size: 16'4'' × 12'2''
Wool and silk rug

Item No: N10763

Arthur Dunnam Design N10755

Size: 9' × 6' Wool + Silk

Item No: N10755

Jazz N10750

Size: 12' × 9'

Item No: N10750

Harlem N10749

Size: 11'9'' × 9'

Item No: N10749

Pool Tiles N10748

Size: 21' × 13'9''

Item No: N10748

Car Wash N10746

Size: 14'11'' × 12'

Item No: N10746

Chocolate Reservoir N10745

Size: 12' × 9'

Item No: N10745

Pool Tiles III N10734

Size: 17' × 11'7''

Item No: N10734

Tattoo Relief N10730

Size: 12' × 9'

Item No: N10730

"Tattoo" N10729

Size: 12' × 9'

Item No: N10729

"Vessel" N10728

Size: 14' × 10'

Item No: N10728

H20 Blush N10726

Size: 12'3'' × 9'

Item No: N10726

Dusk N10724

Size: 18' × 14'7''

Item No: N10724

4 O'Clock Sky N10721

Size: 14'10'' × 12'

Item No: N10721
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