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In love with the shape of your rug or carpetAlthough antique and vintage carpets have an elegant charm to them, nothing can beat the flexibility and originality of area modern rugs. Every designer wants to be the best and that can only be achieved through originality and creative approach. New patterns are not enough – more and more rugs or carpets lose their original square, rectangular or circular shape in order to become something brand new. We observe those new trends with interest, wondering if they will be enough to revolutionize the world of rug design. Irregular rugs can be quite challenging to use during decorating a room. Not only can their shape contrast with lines of your furniture, but also they tend to come in flashy and strong hues. Before acquiring one you have to consider – will it fit the general theme of your interior? Such pieces tend to look the best in very modern, a bit cold spaces, so they can add a splash of color to them. On the other hand, eccentric and eclectic households are sure to fall in love with irregular carpet’s contemporary beauty. They will work perfectly with vivacious palette and diverse selection of shapes and textures, so characteristic for this style. Some irregular rugs might look like works of art, however, experienced designers, like for an example Bunny Williams, know perfectly that looks are not everything. Very often such rugs have more practical uses and can be repurposed. One of the newer trends, rugs tiles, allow to create a rug almost from scratch – by putting together square tiles anyone can create a piece of their dreams. Other rugs, might serve as place to rest, due to their extremely high piles that make it possible to literally hide in your rug. Possibilities are endless and our imagination is the only thing that limits us.  Large Modern Rugs
Although Antique and Vintage carpets are adored worldwide for their opulence and history, large modern rugs are not inferior to them at all. Modern patterns often draw inspiration from the masters of old, but just as many decide to go their own way and create revolutionary pieces, which take by surprise even the most experienced carpet aficionados. If you look for a perfect big modern rug, take a look at our exquisite collection and indulge in a luxurious shopping experience offered by Doris Leslie Blau.