Modern Dhurrie Rugs

Dhurrie rugs have served Indian people for centuries in many areas of life. Due to their construction, they are impenetrable to silverfish or other insects responsible for destroying carpets.

New & Custom Dhurrie RugsOversized Indian Dhurrie

Dhurrie rugs are decorative flat-woven fabrics from India. They carry geometric designs and colors. Dhurries carry mostly stripes or various geometric patterns. A typical material for the production of these flat-weaves is cotton but wool also appears. Doris Leslie Blau also has a wide selection of vintage Indian dhurrie rugs.

An Exceptional Collection of New Dhurrie Rugs for Sale

New Dhurrie rugs for sale from Doris Leslie Blau’s collection are of exceptional quality. They will definitely enhance the individuality of your interior.
Indian DhurrieIndian DhurrieHand-Knotted Dhurrie 2Hand-Knotted Dhurrie 4Knotted Blue DhurrieCrimson Blue Ghurrie Rug