Modern Rugs

  • product-N12450

    Contemporary Geometric Design Rug N12450
    Size: 11'10" × 17'7" (360 × 535 cm)

    A contemporary, high-low knotted wool rug. The main field displays all over a pattern of serrated lines playing with texture...
  • product-N12449

    Swedish design Pile rug N12449
    Size: 11'10" × 17'7" (360 × 535 cm)

    A modern, geometric, hand-knotted wool rug of Scandinavian inspiration. The all over geometric design consists of linear shapes in various...
  • product-N12448

    Modern Deco inspired rug N12448
    Size: 12'2" × 14'9" (370 × 449 cm)

    A modern, hand-knotted wool rug inspired by Art Deco style. The design truly ties into the principal tenets of the...
  • product-N12447

    Modern Swedish design Rug N12447
    Size: 10'7" × 13'9" (322 × 419 cm)

    A modern, hand-knotted wool rug inspired by vintage Scandinavian pattern. It features a complex all-over design of geometric abstractions on...
  • product-N12446

    Modern Art Deco Rug N12446
    Size: 9'10" × 13'8" (299 × 416 cm)

    A modern, Art Deco inspired hand-knotted wool rug. Its color palette is a bold mix of aqua-blue, beige, blue, pink,...
  • product-N12445

    Swedish Skvattram Style Rug N12445
    Size: 13'10" × 18'8" (421 × 568 cm)

    This imposing geometric area rug is the quintessence of the Scandinavian craft in a contemporary edition. The design is inspired...
  • product-N12444

    Modern Deco Inspired Leleu Rug N12444
    Size: 12'0" × 17'8" (365 × 538 cm)

    A modern, Art Deco style, hand knotted wool rug inspired by Paule Leleu, daughter of the Art Deco French sculptor...
  • product-N12443

    Modern Arts and Crafts Style Rug N12443
    Size: 12'3" × 18'1" (373 × 551 cm)

    A modern, Arts and Crafts style inspired hand knotted wool rug. The main field displays three rows of flower-heads in...
  • product-N12442

    Swedish Pile Design Rug N12442
    Size: 13'7" × 14'4" (414 × 436 cm)

    This contemporary Swedish inspired hand-knotted wool rug displays all over a geometric pattern shaped in herringbone giving a mosaic-like appearance....
  • product-N12441

    Contemporary Swedish Pile Rug N12441
    Size: 10'0" × 13'9" (304 × 419 cm)

    A contemporary, Mid-century Swedish inspired hand-knotted wool pile rug. The main field consists of spread allover small, geometric, colorful abstractions...
  • product-N12440

    Modern Deco Rug N12440
    Size: 13'0" × 23'0" (396 × 701 cm)

    Abstract design and superb craftsmanship make this contemporary rug a great investment for the future and a completely unique piece...
  • product-N12439

    Contemporary Rug N12439
    Size: 16'2" × 25'0" (492 × 762 cm)

    This contemporary, abstract, hand knotted wool rug draws the attention not only thanks to its stunning design but also high-quality...
  • product-N12438

    Modern Swedish Design Rug N12438
    Size: 12'3" × 16'5" (373 × 500 cm)

    A modern, Swedish inspired hand knotted wool rug displays a rather simple, geometric composition in various shades of blue, purple,...
  • product-N12436

    Contemporary Swedish Design Rug N12436
    Size: 12'2" × 15'0" (370 × 457 cm)

    A contemporary, Swedish design, hand knotted wool rug displays an allover spread geometric shapes of various sizes. The composition is...
  • product-N12435

    Modern Deco Rug N12435
    Size: 10'1" × 14'0" (307 × 426 cm)

    This Art Deco rug draws largely from the best traditions of Art Deco. It is characterized by angular elegance which...
  • product-N12433

    Modern Samarkand Rug N12433
    Size: 17'2" × 25'6" (523 × 777 cm)

    A modern Samarkand hand-knotted wool area rug woven in Afghanistan features a dreamy oriental-inspired pattern, both rich and delicate, enclosed...
  • product-N12432

    Swedish Design Flat weave Rug N12432
    Size: 12'0" × 16'7" (365 × 505 cm)

    A fine hand-woven wool rug, inspired by mid-century Swedish style. The main field displays alternating rows of rectangles in various...
  • product-N12431

    Contemporary Rug N12431
    Size: 7'10" × 12'9" (238 × 388 cm)

    A contemporary hand-knotted wool and silk rug of botanic design. The main field features four rectangles with tree motifs in...
  • product-N12429

    Blue Pergolas Rug N12429
    Size: 13'5" × 14'6" (408 × 441 cm)

    A contemporary, hand-knotted wool rug in beige and blue. This rug combines modernity with tradition. It features diamond-shaped motifs referring...
  • product-N12428

    Swedish Flat Weave Rug N12428
    Size: 13'7" × 22'1" (414 × 673 cm)

    A modern Swedish flat-weave wool rug is a typical example of mid-century Scandinavian design. The rug features a grid of...
  • product-N12427

    Contemporary Swedish Rug N12427
    Size: 4'2" × 6'4" (127 × 193 cm)

    A modern Swedish flat-weave wool rug features an allover wide stripes in blue, lavender and gray on a beige field....
  • product-N12426

    Contemporary Rug N12426
    Size: 12'0" × 15'1" (365 × 459 cm)

    A contemporary hand-knotted aloe, silk and wool rug features an allover a geometric design in shade of beige and white....
  • product-N12424

    Traditional Inspired Rug N12424
    Size: 9'0" × 12'3" (274 × 373 cm)

    A new, hand-knotted wool traditional style area rug made in India, following a centuries old technique. This is a timeless...
  • product-N12423

    Arts And Crafts Style Rug N12423
    Size: 12'5" × 14'6" (378 × 441 cm)

    A hand-knotted wool rug with a plush pile. This is a superbly executed replica of an original Arts & Crafts...
  • product-N12422

    Contemporary Kilim Rug N12422
    Size: 15'1" × 20'10" (459 × 635 cm)

    This contemporary minimalistic flat-woven kilim rug is hand-made of wool. The main field features an all over petite diamond design...
  • product-N12421

    Modern Moroccan Rug N12421
    Size: 10'3" × 13'7" (312 × 414 cm)

    A modern rug of vintage tribal inspiration hand-knotted in a Moroccan village workshop. Made of the finest quality natural lambswool....
  • product-N12420

    Modern Moroccan rug N12420
    Size: 10'3" × 13'4" (312 × 406 cm)

    A modern rug of vintage tribal inspiration hand-woven in a Moroccan village workshop. Made of the finest quality natural lambswool....
  • product-N12419

    Modern Moroccan Rug N12419
    Size: 10'0" × 13'5" (304 × 408 cm)

    A modern rug of vintage tribal inspiration, hand-woven of the finest quality natural lambswool in a Moroccan village workshop. The...
  • product-N12418

    Large Modern Flat Weave Rug N12418
    Size: 27'0" × 28'5" (822 × 866 cm)

    A modern solid flat-weave wool rug has an interesting texture that combined with the brown and ivory color of the...
  • product-N12417

    Swedish Flat Weave Rug N12417
    Size: 11'10" × 15'3" (360 × 464 cm)

    This modern Scandinavian Flat-weave patterned rug is inspired by the work of Swedish textile designers of the early to mid-20th...

Modern Rugs for living room and bedroom. Colorful set of abstract rugs in most popular size: 8×10 and even more.

We’ve got a variety of sizes, colours, decors and designs available in our modern rugs collection, so you can find the right fit for your home or office.

A contemporary home deserves a contemporary rug. These rugs are typically defined by neutral colors and original, sophisticated designs. From geometric  modern and art deco inspired designs to distressed takes on traditional patterns to really the extremely abstract, this category can fit in with almost any style of décor.

Our modern rugs are manufactured to the highest standards from quality, durable materials. Find the perfect modern rugs for your living room, dining room, kids room or your office.

Personalize every room in your house with a modern rug that match your room style and your feelings. We offer contemporary rugs made with materials like: wool and cotton, silk, PP and polyester. Check out our full collection online and picture the new look and feel of your home or office with one of our rugs available online in our store or come and visit our shop in Manhattan Area in New York City.

What are modern rugs?

Modern rugs and decor constitute an exceptionally intriguing and complex category of custom rugs. Being executed in various styles, decor and bearing miscellaneous designs, elude easy classification. Sometimes, modern carpets marry centuries-old weaving techniques with contemporary aesthetic thought. This guarantees high quality and a look that perfectly matches current decorating standards.

Modern and Contemporary RugsSome of them are executed in experimental ways. Craftsmen try to diversify weaves, materials, pile height, colors, and overall shape. Many such modern area rugs are made with participation or under the supervision of the world’s greatest designers. It results in unique modern rugs that can become the foundation for the décor of the entire interior.

A lot of contemporary artisans decide to stick to the well-established patterns, motifs, and colors and model blue area rugs on antique rugs. This way, customers get access to a selection of traditional-inspired modern carpets that perfectly mimic great antique floor coverings.

In a way, all modern rugs are a bridge between the past and the present – they are the fruit of the constant evolution of the craft that has accompanied men since the dawn of civilization.

Types of Modern Rugs

  • Abstract
  • Art Deco
  • Aubusson
  • Bold
  • Dhurrie
  • Dreamy
  • Flat Weave
  • Floral
  • Geometric
  • Contemporary rugs
  • Moroccan
  • Samarkand
  • Solid
  • Striped
  • Swedish
  • Tibetan
  • Traditional Classic
  • Traditional Today
  • Designer’s
  • Custom rugs

Modern Rugs

Traditional-Inspired Rugs

Due to sheer excellence of ancient artistry, some modern rugs are created in the likeness of antique or vintage carpets. This allows people to choose a traditional design without splurging on a well-preserved antique – a Persian Tabriz, a Turkish kilim, or a mid-century modern rug is at your fingerprints for a more affordable price. All of them inspired with traditional designs made by us match the outstanding quality of antique rugs.

Designer Rugs

Modern carpet designs that come from the hands of renowned designers have a great dose of character. Such contemporary rugs are very often elements of a larger vision put in a certain context, thus, they may effortlessly be paired with accessories and furniture kept in the same spirit. Modern carpet textures and patterns may surprise even experts in the field. The creativity of artists and designers channeled into modern rugs proves that the custom carpet-making craft is growing stronger every year. Nowadays, a designer modern rug is usually a starting point for the decorator – it may even set the tone for the entire décor.