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Aubusson rug by Diana Sawicki N11921

Price: $3,000

It is a common knowledge that no interior can feel truly complete without a nice modern rug under your feet, however, picking the right one might be quite difficult. Contemporary rugs have numerous admirers due to their diverse designs and high quality of their weave. If you are looking for a bit of elegance in your life, Aubusson carpets can be a perfect pick. Their designs can range from minimalist to rich, so any interior can benefit from their presence!

This stunning flat weave rug is bound to charm both you and your family. Made of the highest quality material, it dazzles with simplicity and beauty of its design. Just take a look at it – rug’s central field was purposely left bare, not to overwhelm it with details. At the bottom we can see five horizontal lines placed one above another. At the top there is a series of side-by-side squares, which perfectly balances out the other part of the pattern. The color palette includes a very nice shade of violet-pink, highlighted with addition of white.

Doris Leslie Blau’s exquisite collection of antique rugs and contemporary carpets can satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs. If you are looking or the most luxurious rug shopping experience look no further – we have everything you need.

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Item No.: N11921 Size: 5'10" × 8'10" (177 × 269 cm)
Color: Beige, Brown Style: Modern Rugs, Solid