Indian Dhurrie designed Rug

Indian Dhurrie designed Rug N12006

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Dhurrie rugs are deeply rooted in Indian tradition. These wonderful textiles have always transcended social boundaries by serving in homes of poor and wealthy alike. Although in the past they had many purposes, modern rugs of dhurrie type are mostly applied as floor coverings, and such is the suggested purpose of the Indian dhurrie before your eyes.

The carpet was made in accordance with the centuries-old techniques in order to comprise all the special features of antique dhurrie rugs. Carefully hand-woven of the finest cotton in a distinct weave, the fabric is thick yet light, easily portable and low-maintenance. Moreover, its structure is practically impenetrable to silverfish and other insects responsible for destroying carpets. If properly cared for, the modern rug will withstand years of usage without any signs of wear.

Next to impeccable workmanship, the Indian dhurrie can boast of a remarkable design. The combination of blue and off-white is typical of Indian art as the country is the world capital of indigo – the famous natural blue dye deriving from the indigofera tinctoria plant. Both the fringe and the main field occupied by an oriental lattice imbue the rug with recherché charm which can become part of your house décor.

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Item No.: N12006 Size: 4'2" × 6'0" (127 × 182 cm)
Color: Blue, White Style: Bold