Contemporary Indian Dhurrie Deep Blue Flat-Woven Cotton Rug
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Contemporary Indian Dhurrie Deep Blue Flat-Woven Cotton Rug N11022 13'10" × 19'9" $13,000

Dhurrie, also known as durrie or durry, it is a thick flat-woven Indian carpet with characteristic designs and colors. A cotton flat-weave dhurrie rug is cool during the summer and warm during the winter which makes it very practical choice, considering the weather in India. Although characterized by its large size, dhurrie  is surprisingly light thanks to its construction and materials used during the process of weaving. The role of flat carpets in Indian culture ascended beyond economy  and found its way into the philosophy and literature of the country. The idea that universe is a fabric woven by the gods appeared in for the first time in Rigveda, an ancient Indian collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns and one of the four canonical sacred texts of Hinduism.

What certainly draws attention to this stunning Indian rug is not only its stunning design, but also superb quality of its weave. This rug was woven with a great care and talent, making it more than just a floor covering – it is a masterpiece. The design consists of an allover Moroccan clover pattern adorned with a small square in the middle. The whole is framed by an elegant border which features a Greek Key motif. Color palette accompanying it contains two shades of blue, which together create a truly unforgettable composition.

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Price: $13,000

Item No.: N11022 Size: 13'10" × 19'9" (421 × 601 cm)
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