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Contemporary Oversized Indian Dhurrie Blue and White Rug N11023 14'7" × 24'9" $19,000

Dhurrie rug, also known as durrie or durry, it is a thick flat-woven carpet with characteristic designs and colors. A cotton flat-weave dhurrie rug is cool during the summer and warm during the winter which makes it very practical choice, considering the weather in India. Although characterized by its large size, dhurrie rugs are surprisingly light thanks to their construction and materials used during the process of weaving. Dhurrie rugs are mainly made of wool, cotton, silk and jute and their specific kind of weave makes them immune to insects such as silverfishes, which often damage carpets. Their structure and considerable size made it possible to use dhurrie rugs not only as floor coverings, but also tapestries.

This stunning Indian rug is a dream come true of any art lover. It was hand knotted with great care, seen in the impeccable quality of its weave. Made of high quality wool, this dhurrie carpet is both durable and light. Its design includes an all over geometric pattern of squares linked by serrated octagons. The whole is framed by an elegant frame, which features a pixelated diamond motif. Color palette accompanying this contemporary rug contains very elegant shades of white and blue.

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Price: $19,000

Item No.: N11023 Size: 14'7" × 24'9" (444 × 754 cm)
Color: Beige, Blue Style: ,