Dark as a starless night, tempting as a well-brewed coffee, sophisticated and wild as a black panther – such indeed is this contemporary runner. Its soft and luminous pile calls to be touched and caressed by hands and feet, providing anyone with a delectable palpable sensation. Such incredible quality was achieved by the masterful hand-knotting of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by a skilled artisan. Next to sensual experience it delivers, the runner is distinguished by fantastic durability which will allow it to serve its owners for many years without the slightest signs of blemish. The design of this contemporary rug is absolutely minimalistic and builds upon the profound pitch black shade that brings out the fabulous glow of the fibers. Due to versatility and upmost simplicity, this marvelous floor covering is going to match a wide array of interior arrangements, from Hollywood Regency, though Mid-Century Modern to futuristic. As any runner, this one will be perfect for all hallways, ample rooms and staircases. 

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Contemporary Runner
Item No. L-N11633

Price: $ 2,000
Size: 10'4" × 3'10" (315 × 117 cm)
Color palette:
Contemporary Runner L-N11633