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Caucasian Vintage Rug BB6173

Price: $3,000

This circa-1920 antique Caucasian rug features an intriguing all-over design of floral and botanical abstractions in shades of green and brown against a field of bright, bold orange. A geometric design in the top half of the early 20th century antique carpet is complementary in color to the light green main border containing diamond shapes. The overall look is geometric and evocative of tribal designs that characterize the geographic region of their origin. The Caucasus are a primarily mountainous region in Southern Russia bordered by the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. Transcaucasia, an area south of the mountains, is where most rugs from the region were produced. Rugs for sale from this region are brightly colored with geometric design motifs, as seen in this antique carpet, and are woven with a symmetrical knot.

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Item No.: BB6173 Circa: 1920 Size: 2'6" × 3'5" (76 × 104 cm)
Color: Red Style: Botanic, Casual Origin: Caucasian Rugs