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Moroccan rugs are made in the five regions of Morocco: the Middle Atlas, the High Atlas, Rabat, Eastern Morocco and the Atlantic plains. Retaining an authentic indigenous character and woven by Berber tribes living much as they did centuries ago, vintage Moroccan flat woven and knotted pile rugs are remarkably diverse in style, but all share the characteristics of bold color, thick shaggy pile, naive yet charming motifs and lively patterns of geometric elements. Each tribe with its own distinct repertoire of designs and colors signify both the ceremonial and day to day life of the group. The vivacious oranges and sunny yellows in Moroccan vintage rugs of the High Atlas, the dramatic light blue and camel tones of the Rabat vintage carpets, or the neutrality of the ivory and charcoal ground Beni Ouarain vintage oriental rugs are ideal for the chic and contemporary interiors of the twentieth century.

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Vintage Moroccan Rug BB5689

Size: 12'3'' × 9'3''
Colorful vintage Moroccan flat woven rug with geometrical design.

Item No: BB5689

A Moroccan Rug BB5044

Size: 10' × 6'3'' Circa: 1940
A Modern Vintage Moroccan Rug with a minimal linear design...

Item No: BB5044

A Moroccan rug BB5672

Size: 18'7'' × 12'10'' Circa: 1940
A mid 20th century Moroccan rug, the dusty rose field with a subtle pale yellow design of columns of enlarged ...

Item No: BB5672

A Vintage Moroccan Rug BB5484

Size: 12'8" × 6' Circa: 1940

Item No: BB5484

A Moroccan rug BB5507

Size: 10'1'' × 8'3'' Circa: 1940
A second quarter 20th century Moroccan carpet on a brick red field with abstract triangles surrounded by an allover ...

Item No: BB5507

A Vintage Moroccan Rug BB5487

Size:12'10" × 5'6" Circa: 1940

Item No: BB5487

A Vintage Moroccan Rag Rug BB5479

Size: 10' × 5'7" Circa: 1950

Item No: BB5479

A Moroccan carpet BB5547

Size: 17'1'' × 10'3'' Circa: 1930
A second quarter 20th century Moroccan rug, the shaded cocoa and caramel graph-like field with symmetrical vertical ...

Item No: BB5547

Moroccan Flatweave (size adjusted) BB5344

Size: 20'2'' × 12'10'' Circa: 1940

Item No: BB5344

A Moroccan Rug BB5269

Size: 7' × 5'2'' Circa: 1950


Item No: BB5269

A Moroccan Rug BB5268

Size: 9' × 5' Circa: 1950

Item No: BB5268

A Moroccan - Kilim Rug BB5239

Size: 12'10'' × 5'1''

Item No: BB5239

A Moroccan Carpet BB5225

Size: 17' × 11'

Item No: BB5225

A Moroccan Rug BB5164

Size: 12'3'' × 8'0'' Circa: 2000
A Moroccan Rug

Item No: BB5164

A Moroccan Rug BB5150

Size: 9'2'' × 5'9'' Circa: 1940
A vintage Moroccan rug in a bright navy color with fringed ends.

Item No: BB5150

A Moroccan Rug BB5432

Size: 8'9'' × 6' Circa: 1950


Item No: BB5432

A Moroccan Rug BB5149

Size: 6'10'' × 5' Circa: 1940
A High-Low Multi Technique Vintage Moroccan Rug with unusual alternating bands of pattern.

Item No: BB5149

A Moroccan Rug BB5147

Size: 7'4'' × 4'5'' Circa: 1940
A Vintage Moroccan Rug woven with wool and cotton on a ribbed background with an allover colorblocked design...

Item No: BB5147

A Moroccan Rug BB5145

Size: 7'4'' × 4' Circa: 1940
A mid 20th century Moroccan rug with a modern grid design woven with wool and cotton in a multi technique on a ribbed field...

Item No: BB5145

A Moroccan Rug BB5143

Size: 8'6'' × 4' Circa: 1940
A mid 20th century Moroccan rug with contemporary shades of orange and turquoise...

Item No: BB5143

A Moroccan Rug BB5141

Size: 5'4'' × 4' Circa: 1940
A Vintage Moroccan Rug . Mid 20th century multi colored abstract grid pattern.

Item No: BB5141

A Moroccan Rug BB5140

Size: 9' × 5' Circa: 1940
A Vintage Moroccan Rug with a directional tribal design .

Item No: BB5140

A Moroccan Rug BB5139

Size: 5'2'' × 4' Circa: 1940
A Vintage Moroccan Rug in a wool and cottonmulti technique weave that has an abstract patchwork design...

Item No: BB5139

A Moroccan Rug BB5138

Size: 5'8'' × 3' Circa: 1940
A Vintage Moroccan Rug with contemporary multi colored diagonal Stripes of wool and cotton...

Item No: BB5138

A Moroccan Rug BB5137

Size: 8'3'' × 4'7'' Circa: 1940
A Vintage Moroccan Rug with diamonds inside of diamonds on a brown abrashed field...

Item No: BB5137
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