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How to style a coffee table like a professional

Fancy a cup of coffee? Even if you don’t count yourself amongst big hot beverages fans, you probably still want your coffee table to look absolutely smashing. This inconspicuous object may become the highlight of the interior if you follow a set of simple rules. Just keep reading!

5 Steps to Make Your Home Décor Bloom for Spring

Robin Williams once said that spring is nature’s way of saying “let’s party!” and we couldn’t agree more 😉 During this invigorating time make sure that not only the outside but also the inside of your house makes you want to rock. Follow our lead!

5 Steps to Decorate Like Lauren Conrad

When you see Lauren Conrad, you immediately want to be friends with her. When you look at her gorgeous abodes, you instantly feel the urge to redecorate your entire house. Thankfully, Lauren is always willing to give some advice on how to live chic, so let’s take it!

The First Pop-up Store of Doris Leslie Blau Opens this Sunday

Permeated with the magic of carpets and saturated with colors and textures, the first DLB pop-up store opens for customers on the sixth floor of the Interior Design Building from 12 to 31 March (except for Saturdays). All available rugs will be marked down by 20%.

Make a statement: Rugs that enliven every interior


After several years of neutrals’ prevalence, it is time for vivid hues and dashing patterns to take over. Rather than repainting the apartment, invest in a rug! And, in that matter, who can advise you better that us? 😉

5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Interior with ‘La La Land’ Retro Charm

La La Land has won the hearts of critics and viewers alike with flying colors… figuratively and literally! We took a closer look at the dazzling hues and mesmerizing décor in the most vivacious production of the year and fell in love with the Hollywood-inspired glam. Hope you will too!

DLB Contemporary Rug featured in Architectural Digest

Did you know that Doris Leslie Blau is not solely about the vintage and the antique? One of our modern rugs was selected by the great Juan Carretero for his eclectic Mexico City home décor. This outstanding project was recently covered by Architectural Digest. Just take a look.

Red Plus Persian Rugs Equals… Love

Red is the color of confidence, action, energy and, most of all, love. Because Valentine’s Day is near we would like you to discover the power and meaning behind this amazing hue enclosed within the boundaries of magical Persian rugs.

6 Accessories To Make Your Home Look Posh

Who does not want his home to look glamorous? To achieve that you don’t have to make an excessive effort. Simply follow our guide and invest in 6 accessories that will saturate your interior with irresistible flair.

Interiors That Made Us Jealous In 2016 (Part II)

The 2016 has been very generous in terms of glamorous house decors. Prepare yourselves for the second part of interiors that made us super envious last year! P.S.  If you haven’t seen the first part – clik here.

Vintage Boho: Samarkand Rugs

Are you a fan of boho? Even if you definitely prefer royal glam to shabby chic, you will not escape the recherché charm of the Samarkands. Let us introduce you to these wonders of the Orient.

Interiors That Made Us Jealous In 2016 (Part I)

From Cali-cool, through urban Paradise, to elegant eclecticism – the year 2016 pampered us with some really glamorous interiors. Design aficionados have opened their stylish doors, so let’s not miss that chance and come to see the hottest abodes of the past year.

Experience the Nature of Eskayel Design

You don’t have to be a design expert to recognize the beauty which lies in nature-inspired projects of Shanan Campanaro and her remarkable team. 2017 brings us to wildlife closer than ever, thus it will definitely be a good year for Eskayel.