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Vintage Samarkand Rug BB7022

Price: $9,000

There is no need to introduce anyone to Oriental rugs. Everyone knows about their exotic beauty and exquisite designs, but have you ever heard of Samarkand rugs? Those jewels of Middle Asia continue to bewitch countless rug collectors all over the world with remarkable ease. Khotan rugs, once called Samarkand rugs, combine Chinese details with Central Asian design schemes and vivid colouring.

This stunning vintage Samarkand rug boasts the perfect balance between colors and design. Central field contains a simplistic central medallion, surrounded by  subtle flower pattern.  A triple border framing it utilizes a discreet yet beautiful floral motif, which certainly enhances the whole composition. Color palette of this antique Samarkand rug contains an elegant mix of blue and delicate pink, which is further improved with an addition of neutral beige, which brings out the best in both those hues.

The city of Samarkand is well known for being the Islamic centre for scholarly study. Samarkand rugs have been produced in this region since at least the seventeenth century. For thousands of years these lands of arid steppes, deserts and brutal mountain ranges. We are proud to deliver out clients only the highest quality Oriental rugs and antique carpets.

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Item No.: BB7022 Circa: 1947 Size: 4'3" × 7'9" (129 × 236 cm)
Color: Brown, Green, Pink Style: Casual