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Vintage Chinese Deco Rugs

Chinese culture has incorporated so much beauty into the throws of western culture through the ages. Porcelains, silk textiles, and beautiful paintings are among the many contributions of eastern inspired beauty. You bet that in the realm of rug design, there is so much to be discovered in the way of eastern inspired rug designs. Among these many styles, is Chinese Deco.

At Doris Lesie Blau, we have  an extensive collection of Chinese Deco Vintage Rug designs, with colors and patterns that could soften up even the hardest of styles.



Contrary to what you may think, Chinese rug design has a long history that is very independent from that of the Middle East. Antique Chinese Deco Rugs are known by their soft color palettes, focusing mainly on ivories, golds and blue. Images and pictures tend to be the main focus of the designs, many times including trees, nature, dragons and other animals. The designs also tend to be more spacious and free (different from traditional Middle Easter rug designs), giving way for the prominent pictures and images to tell a story through their design and placement.



Today, Chinese Deco Rugs of the modern 20th century can sometimes restrain in design, and embelsih in color, as an interpretation and homage to the original Chinese Deco Rugs of the ancient Middle East. These rugs can be characterized by bright magentas, yellows, and emeralds.


Overall, the Vintage Chinese Deco Rug collection at Doris Leslie Blau offers a wide variety of gorgeous selections, embodying all the lovely color and design that is indicative of the beautiful history of the Chinese Deco art from of rug making.

By: Maddie Richardson