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Large Samarkand Rug N11079

Price: $35,000

This majestic beauty is the essence of the best oriental weaving art. It was inspired by the iconic Samarkand creations that are distinguished by large dimensions and an exceptional, bohemian energy. They were woven, inter alia, for Buddhist monks to pray and meditate on, hence the really impressive size and the balanced, spiritual design. The one before your eyes represents a truly serene composition.

The main field is covered in an allover fret and flower medallion pattern with multiple borders, each representing a different traditional oriental motif, from diagonal lines, through delicate flower heads, to the famous fret pattern. The color palette exudes a soothing vibe with toned shades of ginger, chocolate, hickory, carob and caramel, all working together towards perfect harmony.

The samarkand rug was masterfully hand-crafted of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by a skilled artisan. Only such thorough making ensures that it is not only one of a kind but most importantly qualitative, ready to serve its owners for many decades without any sings of blemish. This modern pattern carpet, due to its versatility and elegance, will fill absolutely any interior with warmth of the oriental sun.

They are graceful and stylish, full of meanings and full of historical charm. Transferred into the present, Samarkand carpets enchant with multiplicity of features reminding of the rich past of this very aesthetics. Come and see how beautiful they are.

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Item No.: N11079 Size: 14'7" × 19'8" (444 × 599 cm)
Style: Geometric