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Samarkand Design Rug N11857

Price: $53,000

Few contemporary rugs can rival the beauty of this stunning Samarkand rug. Woven using the highest quality wool available, this piece immediately draws attention thanks to its exotic design, inspired by antique Samarkand rugs. On the main field we can see an all over pattern depicting geometrized climbing vines and flowers accompanied by delicate leaves. The whole is bordered by a rather simplistic frame decorated with small flowers and lines. Color palette of this contemporary rug contains mostly shades of gray with blue and brown undertones.

Samarkand rugs, known also as Khotan carpets, are the crown jewel of middle eastern art. Their luscious color palettes and rich designs earned them the admiration of connoisseurs and collectors from all over the world. Traditionally produced by the Uzbek tribesmen and women, nowadays Samarkand rugs can be found in the households in the biggest cities of the world.

Doris Leslie Blau grants clients looking for contemporary rugs a unique opportunity to make their own individual statement with a floor covering that is truly their own and truly one of a kind. Antique rugs and contemporary carpets from all over the world find their way to our Gallery and wait for you to discover them!

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Item No.: N11857 Size: 13'0" × 16'7" (396 × 505 cm)
Color: Beige, Blue, Gold Manufacturer: Doris Leslie Blau Material: Wool Style: Tradtional