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Samarkand Rug N11778

Price: $18,000

What draws the eye to this exquisite Samarkand rug is certainly its original design. Made with great care and dedication, the modern carpet tiles features a pattern that while drawing inspiration from tradition managed to sneak in some modern elements, which will definitely be appreciated by those who like to mix past with future. On the pile we can see beautiful floral compositions which are juxtaposed with geometrical elements in a rich display of beauty and opulence. The color palette of this piece contains mostly colder and dark shades of brown, black and gray, which are brightened with a bit of tasteful beige.

They are graceful and stylish, full of meanings and full of historical charm. Transferred into the present, Samarkand modern carpets enchant with multiplicity of features reminding of the rich past of this very aesthetics. Come and see how beautiful they are. The old Samarkand used to be an oasis, giving respite to voyagers traveling from Western Europe to China and back. A mosaic of cultures, which highly influenced the development of this transit city, played a significant role in creating the distinctive style of work of the local carpet weavers. 

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Item No.: N11778 Size: 9'9" × 13'7" (297 × 414 cm)
Color: Blue, Gold Style: Botanic