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Mirror, mirror on the wall…

There is nothing more powerful in the matter of interior design than a well-placed mirror. Due to their unique power of illusion creation, mirrors are our highly valuable allies in space designing, empowering us to enhance it or limit it, to amplify and to mesmerize. They enable the designer to play with light and color, to produce a certain kind of vibe – warm or cold, posh or rustic. Feel invited to draw inspiration from our propositions and maybe you’ll find a reflection of your style and soul in one of these mirrors.


What has more power to amaze than a maze? This apartment surely looks like one. Be careful not to get lost! And by the way, it’s perfect for ballet practice: Assemblé et brisé et jeté!


This zig-zag geometric mirror part of sphere looks as though it had just been excavated from the wall and seems to suggest that a huge part of it is still hidden out there! A geometric rug would correspond nicely with the mirror, breaking the neutral nudes palette of the room.


A tetris mirror composition that you can build like a puzzle in any way you want would suit any creative personality. However this floor is lacking something…a carpet of course. How about this one?



A subtle Art Deco design makes the mirrors look as though they were emerging from the sculpted frosting on the cake. A carpet that would fit this interior perfectly is this one: