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Custom Rugs

However huge the choice of products, there is always a temptation to create one’s own design of a carpet, that will perfectly reflect our taste and style. Not only does it concern professional designers, but all home owners. Rugs are certainly significant elements in our interiors. Sometimes more non-standard carpet is needed in order to fully suit the overall arrangement of a house. For this reason, the idea of custom or bespoke rugs appeared.

custom vintage rug
custom vintage rug

At Doris Leslie Blau, in addition to the extensive range of carpets with various colors, patterns and styles, there is an option of commissioning a bespoke rug available. If you decide to choose it, our competent and talented team will assist you. Depending on what type of weaving technique you are thinking of, custom rugs are produced like the hand-knotted ones from Nepal, India, China, Egypt or Afghanistan.

When talking about bespoke carpets, the first step is to choose the model, palette of colors and texture. You can excite your imagination a bit. Do you want a Tibetan inspired rug, something modern with tribal patterns on it, or some quirky, abstract design that is difficult to classify?

What is more, if you are sensitive to the question of environment, you can order an eco-friendly carpet at Doris Leslie Blau. Our network of weavers and designers produce rugs according to the working practices that are fair and environmentally safe. What it means, is for instance cleaning the water used for washing the rugs before it is poured to the ground or using natural dyes. Natural dyes (with our assistance you can create your own colors), are very suitable to be used with natural textiles. Nevertheless, the choice of the textile and weave finally depends on you. One thing is certain, at Doris Leslie Blau, the quality is always the top priority. So, whether you decide to choose one of the carpets that is already in stock or a custom vintage rug, we guarantee the high quality of the products.