Bessarabian & Ukrainian Rugs

Origin and Motifs of Bessarabian & Ukrainian Rugs

Antique Ukrainian RugThe Bessarabian nomenclature relates to a group of nineteenth century carpets and flat weaves or kilims made in the mountainous Carpathian region between the Ukraine and Moldova. Although little is known about the circumstances or workshops where these rugs and flat weaves were fashioned, the output shows a synthesis of local folk motifs and designs inspired by eighteenth century French carpets popular at the Russian Court and in aristocratic circles. Both metropolitan and provincial antique Bessarabian & Ukrainian rugs are distinguished from Western European urban weavings by less formal designs that manage to achieve an elegant balance between noble and poor, grace and force, making these unique flat weaves among the most sought after of decorative antique rugs and carpets.

For countless centuries Needlework rugs and carpet shave been stitched in many European countries including France, England, Italy and Russia. These antique Needlework rugs and carpets were often embroidered in panels, by groups of females that included nuns and noblewomen the completed panels were then joined to form elaborate carpet designs. Although floral decoration is most often utilized, antique Needlework rugs are sometimes figural in design, with pastoral scenes and complex landscapes.

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Antique Bessarabian Carpet
Antique Russian Bessarabian Rug
Antique Bessarabian Carpet
Antique Russian Bessarabian Carpet
Antique Bessarabian Carpet
Bessarabian Antique Rug