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Antique Bessarabian Rug BB6936 5'10" × 8'10" $6,000

What makes Bessarabian rugs so interesting is their highly decorative design. Such rug would not look out of place at the palace of Versailles, so no wonder that so many of them were owned by nobility and aristocracy. However, Bessarabian rugs are still products of a specific culture – Easter European to be exact. They reflect trends dominant at the time of their weaving, giving us an unique opportunity to take a trip back in time.

This stunning Bessarabian rug is a dream come true of any art lover. Made of the best available materials, it immediately charms with its beautiful pattern and color palette. Floral motif dominating on the surface depicts a beautiful composition of flowers and leaves. Colors included in this design are mostly deep shades of brown, yellow, green and black.

Doris Leslie Blau’s collection of both contemporary rugs and antique carpets contains only the best quality pieces, each of which was created with a great deal of attention and love. Our rugs were all handpicked in order to suit the tastes of our clientele and we are happy to know that our hard work is appreciated by the top interior designs magazines in the industry, such as Architectural Digest or Elle Decor.


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Price: $6,000

Item No.: BB6936 Circa: 1920 Size: 5'10" × 8'10" (177 × 269 cm)
Color: Brown, Green, Pink, Yellow Style: Origin: Bessarabia, Europe