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Antique Bessarabian Rug BB6919 9'9" × 13'0" (297 × 396 cm) $9,000

Bessarabian rugs combine beauty of the Oriental carpets with European elegance. Bessarabian rugs draw the attention with their intricate designs, which stand out even among other antique rugs. Antique rugs have numerous admirers due to their diverse designs and high quality of their weave.

A true gem of weaving art, this stunning Bessarabian carpet captures hearts thanks to its beauty. The rug was handmade in the early 20th century, circa 1900,. The carpet has a complex floral motif stretched all over its surface.  Weaver used looms with unseen ease, as if it were a brush. The flowers were depicted with great detail –  not a petal is out of place. The design’s frame is decorated with the same motif. Usage of gentle color palette balances the whole composition out, beautifying it further at the same time. Light red, green and beige were topped with a hint of gray and white. The carpet’s charming presence is bound to enhance any kind of interior.

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Price: $9,000

Item No.: BB6919 Circa: 1900 Size: 9'9" × 13'0" (297 × 396 cm)
Color: Brown, Purple, Red Style: Formal Origin: Bessarabia, Europe