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Bakhtiari – The Most Durable of Persian Rugs and Carpets

A Persian Bakhtiari rug BB3320Doris Leslie Blau offers a collection of hand woven rugs and carpets. Every piece is breathtaking, luxurious, wonderfully crafted and made with quality materials.

Among the popular choices we offer are Bakhtiari rugs which originated from South Central Persia but are still being created up to this day.  These distinctive pieces are considered to be among the most dynamic of ancient Persian rugs and carpets as they present individual design elements outlined by charcoal or blue-black color.  They also come with rectangular compartments with floral or garden motifs in brilliant colors.  The Khesti or garden motif is well known, where the carpet or rug is divided into squares with animals and plants symbolizing the Persian garden.  Others present medallion designs in a mixture of colors.

Bakhtiar rugs are traditionally made of durable wool which makes them thick and solid, hence the durability.  The knot density of such items varies and Bibibaff is considered the one with the highest density.  A durable, handmade carpet of such kind can fit perfectly at the hallway of a grandiose home or can rest comfortably in any room where it matches the theme and décor.  No matter where you intend to place a Bakhtiar floor covering, it will serve as a useful decorative piece that can last for many, many years. 

We offer durable and decorative floor coverings in a wide array of options to suit anyone’s taste, preference and style.  Feel free to check out the items in our store to help you discover great finds that are worth treasuring.