Antique Chinese Rug BB4325

Antique Chinese Rug Description:

An early 20th century Chinese rug, the brown and cinnamon field with an allover abstract tile pattern which has a crystalline appearance beneath scattered floral sprays within a sand fretwork border between a blue pearl-seed stripe and solid minor stripes.

They experimented not only with patterns but also with forms and textures of objects. The pomp and excess were left behind to make way for the new concept of beauty. It all transferred to vintage rugs – every trend in architecture and art was reflected also in textiles. One might ask, why exactly carpets? Where this fascination for weaving masterpieces, beginning from the earliest antique rugs, come from? The answer is simple – a rug is a heart of every room. Wool vintage rugs for sale showcase immense diversity in terms of design, ranging from geometric, abstract patterns to native floral or folk motifs with mesmerizing use of color and form.

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