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5 Design Trends You can’t Miss This Year

Now that the year is in full swing and most of us have already put our resolutions aside, it’s time to revise the hottest design trends that dominate this year. We rounded up five interior ideas that should never go out of fashion. These attainable touches can give your home a whole new look. Bring it on!

Geometric Shapes for the Floor

Adding vibrancy and playfulness to the floor with geometric tiles is a big trend this year. Outstanding design underfoot paired with neutral walls creates an original and sleek effect. If you prefer softer surfaces, you can easily mimic the artistic geometry of the tiles by installing a Scandinavian flat weave rug. According to Los Angeles designer Madeline Stuart: “with elegantly balanced geometric compositions, these rugs are a sophisticated answer to the omnipresent neutrals and sisals.” We recommend you playful vintage rugs designed by Märta Måås-Fjetterström. They work perfectly for traditional and modern design and will instantaneously wake up every snoozy interior.


Swedish Flatweave by Märta Måås-Fjetterström

Family First Living Rooms

Barring digital devices from living rooms is very popular this year. The last thing we need after a day when we are surrounded by screens for most of the time is an evening spent in front of a TV. Not only blue light emitted by electronics is bad for our health but it also prevents us from spending quality time with our nearest and dearest or just sitting quietly with a good book. Ditch your telly for some meaningful artisan goods for a more personalized and cozy look.


Bolder Bedrooms

While your bedroom should be your sanctuary. But it can still retain this comforting and relaxing feel with some attention-seeking additions. And it could be only one element that will completely transform the look of a bedroom: a crazy patterned shaggy Moroccan rug or innovative headboard. Be inventive and take your bedroom to the next level!

head board


Metallic Accents  Do you like luxe touches at your home? If so, then you will welcome this rising trend that calls for more gold accents around us. The time came to eschew traditional wallpaper by using a gold hue on your wall. Or consider a rug with golden weave if you want to step on this regal color.

kips bay 2014
This is the Wall-Sky Rug N10842 by Doris Leslie Blau


Dramatic Prints If patterned fabrics is your thing, you will happily take a cue from this fun-inducing trend. Get creative with cheerful chintz, delicate damasks and decorative textiles. Options for dazzling graphic are ever increasing and will definitely go beyond 2016.

This is the antique needlepoint rug by Doris Leslie Blau