Oriental Rugs

Oriental Rugs and Carpets in unexpected places

Gone are times when you could only find Oriental rugs in living rooms, where you could barely walk on them. Nowadays people demand from their decorations to be not only beautiful, but also functional, so no wonder that interior designers, such as Bunny Williams, decided to take matters in their own hands and redefine place of Oriental Rugs in our homes. 

If you love how rich pattern of your favorite Oriental rug lightens up the room, consider getting one for your... kitchen! This might sound a little revolutionary or even crazy, but hear me out - kitchens tend to be neglected by us during the process of decorating as merely "practical" space. It is tempting to spend more money on more representative accommodations, but if cooking is your hobby and you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, consider getting an Oriental rug there. It is the easiest way to instantly make a room look better, boosting your mood as a result. Afraid of the stains? No problem! Purchase a piece with patina or even slight wears, which will give your kitchen a decadent aura. 

Is bathroom a right room for Oriental rugs? Of course! What is better after a long, relaxing bath than a sensation of luxurious rug under your toes? Similarly to kitchens, our bathrooms tend to look bare and sterile. Nothing will liven up white tiles and chrome like a pinch of red and yellow often found on an Oriental pieces! Although an oriental rug might not survive bathrooms constant moisture, modern rugs made of wool will not have that problem at all! 

Finally... corridors? Sound disappointing, doesn't it? Normally we don't even notice our corridors in a constant hurry from one room to another, but why can't we make this transition an aesthetically pleasing experience? Oriental rugs will make walking around the house a moment of relaxation that we often lack. You won't be hurrying through corridors, but rather gently stepping, admiring beautiful rugs on the floor.