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The Alphabet of the Weaving World – Rug Patterns

The art of weaving rugs reaches back to the very beginnings of our civilization. In fact, even before people settled in the first city-states, nomadic tribes had already been turning threads into fabrics and putting them to good use in many different fields of life. As soon as humans started to make objects, the art of design was born. This striving for beauty and meaning pushed skilled artisans to imbue their works with not only practical but also artistic qualities.

In the world of weaving, patterned rugs definitely prevail over the so-called solid ones which are characterized by the lack of ornaments. The immense variety of motifs and their profound symbolism indicates that a rug has always been an item of great importance. It is hardly surprising, given that the traditional hand-execution of one woven beauty consumed a considerable amount of time and effort. In some cases is would involve a number of people and could be counted in years.

All rugs have always been connected through the patterns, from tribal ones, created on primitive looms for personal use, to the palatial magnificent carpets, ready to cater for a king’s needs. Although the precision and accuracy of representation could vary, the motifs within one cultural circle served as an alphabet that formed up a story told by the main field and eventual borders. It happened frequently that the patterns traveled from country to country and even from continent to continent. The greatest “trend-setter” of the rug fashion has always been Persia and their classic motifs are still in use until this day, though many have forgotten about their symbolic and semantic layer.

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