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Rug Pattern Names

Rug pattern names in carpet industry are usually connected with what one can actually see and therefore they are quite easy to recognize. It is quite obvious that a colorful rug with various unregular shapes all over it would be called an abstract pattern rug.

Pattern names sometimes are connected with fauna:

– animal print, a pattern which resembles the markings on an animal’s skin or fur

– bull’s eye, which has nothing to do with a bull, but it is just an illusional pattern of concentric circles

– dog’s or hound’s tooth, that is a variety of a checked pattern, with checks created by four-pointed stars that are broken or jagged

or the way the elements are put on:

– tossed would mean small details printed at random all over the carpet’s surface

– repeating pattern is for motifs arranged in the regular and formal manner

– patchwork, simulating a piece of material consisting of smaller pieces that are sewn together

– directional pattern shows regular motifs oriented usually in one direction.

There are various names connected with striped and checked patterns:

– chevron, also called herringbone, a traditional pattern resembling zigzags

– barcode, consisting of stripes of various width, just like a barcode

– Greek key pattern, timeless and popular geometric pattern, created of lines that meet at right angles

– Roman stripes will be found on a colorful bright carpet with contrasting vertical stripes

– tartan, traditional weave for Scottish clans, nowadays used at length and not only in Scotland

– gingham check, usually solid color pattern in which fabrics are woven to create a block or check effect

– chequer (also spelled checker) or checkerboard pattern – textures, materials or colors woven in alternating squares.

The most exclusive rugs are connected with handwoven carpets, in traditional places like Persia, for example. Those pattern names are simply derived from the place of carpet’s origin. Among them you can find:

– Herati, from Iranian manufacturers, which a rhomb with a flower inside, surrounded by four acanthus leaves

– Paisley, originating from Paisley in Scotland and resembling an ornamented teardrop

and many others rug pattern names.

Vintage Swedish flat weave runner signed bice.01
Vintage Swedish rya rug
Vintage Swedish rya by beatrice pinlstrand