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What is organic modern?

house 1

So, organic modern. The term isn’t totally new, but it’s been cropping up with increasing frequency in the interior design blogosphere, and that’s a trend we expect to continue and pick up for some time to come.

The Texas home pictured above belongs to Shane and Holly Pavonetti and it epitomizes the aesthetic and ethos of the modern organic trend. The Pavonettis told Houzz they spent only $165,000 on their beautiful, cedar-sided house, but that’s because they did everything (design, architecture, general contracting) themselves. Inside, the home is airy and white with wood countertops and wood ceilings in the kitchen.


living living 2

The rise of organic modernism is another form of push back against homogenization and consumer culture. The aesthetic eschews synthetic materials and colors. Natural materials and shades of neutral rule the day.                                 table


Organic modernism also celebrates organic shapes. Not everything needs to employ the sharp lines and austerity of industrial-chic, the style allows for swoops and curves and irregularity.

o bed

The philosophy of organic modernism is tied to intentional living and connectivity. To employ a modern organic aesthetic is to say that we can live in an internet-connected world but still affirm meaningful, real-life interaction.vintage-carpets-european-american-hooked-rag-beige-figurative-geometric-bb4332-12x9vintage-rug-european-american-hooked-rag-beige-geometric-botanical-bb3578-15x12vintage-rug-european-american-hooked-rag-red-minimalist-bb3181-9x6

Often times in design photos of organic modern interiors you’ll see a lot of high-pile rugs. Sheepskin is popular, as organic modern interiors place emphasis on texture. However, I would love to see more schemes employ hooked and rag rugs. I love the references to the natural world used in all three of our vintage rugs seen here. For more inspiration, go here.