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The Big Apple World of Rugs (NYC Rugs)

The huge diversity of people, cultures, beliefs, and traditions present in the melting pot – as New York city is often referred to – reflects the abundance of things that may be bought in the city, including such a common object as a carpet.

Whether you own a small flat or a posh apartment, covering your floor adds warmth to the interior and makes it more pleasant to live in. The more unique and luxurious a carpet of your choice will be, the more remarkable your room is.

New York City carpet dealers and galleries offer an extremely wide choice of rugs, varying in price, age, size, style and origin. You may purchase anything from a tiny antique masterpiece to be treasured and hang on the wall, to a huge area rug manufactured contemporarily. You may choose a rug that is in the middle of the range, mainly a high-quality, handmade durable oriental rug.

Handmade, or hand-woven, rugs are among most popular ones. High-quality of the materials used, mainly wool or sometimes wool with silk, natural dyes and skillful work of traditional weavers make each carpet a unique piece, and if it antique – one and only beautiful work of art. The durability of such carpets is legendary and they are well worth their price. The patterns, motifs, and colors used are characteristic for the region of their origin and the names those carpets bare and the meaning behind them is a great conversation topic for your guests, who come and visit you to admire your purchase.

You may find all the information you need on our site, starting from some technical details concerning a chosen rug to the story of the name, tradition, way of making, etc. – mainly everything that makes a carpet unique.

Don’t hesitate to choose your own Persian or Bidjar or Kazak rug, learn the story behind it, impress your family and guests and make your room one of a kind, ideal place to rest and relax.